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Sunday, April 6, 2014


The last few years have been a kind of love letter to Geeks, Stan Lee and Comic Books. I have enjoyed it all. Iron Man 1-3, X-Men (all 4), Thor (2), Batman (3), okay I'm not really a fan of Spiderman, so I guess not all. Captain America, which brings me to my Reel of the Week. CAPTAIN AMERICA:THE WINTER SOLDIER 

  Chris Evans reprises his role as Steve Rogers aka CAPTAIN AMERICA.
Steve is still making discoveries about the very new and very different world he finds himself in after being brought back from suspended animation. Nick Fury calls Steve into SHIELD. Something is awry in the SHIELD network and things are not what they seem. Steve enlists the help of friends old and new. Natasha aka BLACK WIDOW (Scarlett Johansson) and a fellow soldier Sam aka FALCON (Anthony Mackie).
Meanwhile Nick is testing allegiances and friendships to save SHIELD and all it stands for, from a threat whose origin remains a mystery.
CAPTAIN AMERICA'S mission will bring up the past in the form of a Soviet Agent known as THE WINTER SOLDIER (Sebastian Stan). CAPTAIN AMERICA'S loyalty to SHIELD is tested. He must choose between his loyalty to SHIELD and his loyalty to his past and beliefs about who he is and what he stands for.
CAPTAIN AMERICA hit the ground running and didn't stop for the full 136 minutes. It was homeric, great fun and full of stomach dropping action. The car chase near the beginning had me clutching my arm rest (luckily no ones arm was resting on it at the time.) Lots of strong kick-ass women (although once again no women of color. Film has been around since the 1890's,I can't believe we are STILL having this conversation). Robert Redford as ANDREW PIERCE was such a coup. He jumped in with both feet and gave an understated but flawless performance. I can't believe he agreed to be in it.
Sebastian Stans performance as the WINTER SOLDIER was perfectly balanced. I felt sympathy for him even when he was at his worst.
CAPTAIN AMERICA was entertaining, fast-paced and had a good story wrapped in action packed fun. I also enjoyed waiting for that STAN LEE moment, it's like find Waldo.
Don't forget to stay for the credits. Also the ABC television series AGENTS OF SHIELD follows the plot line of the movie, it's great fun if you haven't watched it yet, check it out.

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