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Saturday, May 17, 2014


My Reel this week is 2013's THE WORLD'S END". One of my favorite actors, Simon Pegg co-wrote & also stars in this film.
It's a story about "getting the band back together", but their really isn't any going back. Proving do overs are not only a bad idea, but just not possible.

Gary King (Simon Pegg) wants to get his four best friends back together to finish a pub crawl they started 20 years ago. His friends reluctantly agree, after some creative convincing by Gary. When you get together with friends from high school and return to your old stomping grounds, all the old grievances rear their ugly heads. Everyone assumes their roles. Things then go from bad to worse. The town looks the same on the outside,but there's the smell of something evil in the air. Can Gary & his friends put aside their differences and unravel the mystery? Not only the town, but the World depends on it.

WORLD'S END wanted to be a comedy/drama, but in order for that formula to work it had to straddle a very fine line between funny and serious. The drama can't be so deep that it makes laughing seem almost inappropriate. WORLD'S END for me fell off the line and didn't quite pull it off.
I spent a lot of time feeling really bad for Gary. The desperation he exuded drowned out the laughs. I think the premise of the movie may have worked better as strictly comedy. The deeper motives behind the Pub Crawl, didn't mesh with the comedy plot-line.

I absolutely love Simon Pegg. He is a brilliant writer & a complex actor, but this one missed the mark. The drama was unexpected and out of place with the comedy. If you want to watch one of his films where the comedy/drama formula works magnificently, I recommend RUN, FAT BOY RUN .
It's one of my favorites. WORLD'S END not so much.

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