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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bits & Bobs & Summer Reading!

"A Something in a Summer's Noon-
A depth- an azure- a perfume-
transcending ecstasy" - Emily Dickinson

Summer and reading go so well together, because of the carefree sense of
freedom they both evoke. I have started my Summer reading list in earnest.
These two books kicked off my summer:

 WAYFARING STRANGER, started out as a coming of age story, but it was really about a journey. A boys journey into Adulthoodand all the experiences that shape a life. It began when Weldon Holland had a chance encounter with the notorious outlaws Bonnie & Clyde when he was a teen being raised by his colorful, but distant grandfather and his fragile mother.
Later, World War II became part of Holland's journey, his experiences and the people he met, transformed him and changed his path, twisting and turning it, taking him from Paris to the Oil fields of Texas.
WAYFARING STRANGER is a story steeped in History, but at it's heart it is a story about how deeply love impales the heart, but also how those whose lives lie untouched by love turn that pain outward in the most horrific ways, seeking nothing more than to destroy those who seemingly flaunt their good fortune.
The depth of the characters, the story dripping with atmosphere is pure James Lee Burke, but the story is a complete departure from his other novels. It was unexpected. Every time I thought I had the story figured out and knew where it was going, Burke threw a curve and sent the plotline plummeting in a different direction.
 With WAYFARING STRANGER  James Lee Burke once again writes us a story that epitomizes what is really at the heart of most journeys: hope, triumph over tragedy, love and a sense of belonging.

FIREPOINT by John Smolens Nineteen year old Hannah is a wanderer, she loves to escape to the outskirts of her small town, to stretch her legs, feel the strength of her legs carry her along. One day on one of her explorations , she comes upon a dilapidated house. Curious, she steps inside and into the life of Martin Reed who has bought the house to renovate.
Hannah and Martin begin a tentative friendship which soon blossoms into a romance.
Their bliss is short-lived, because Sean, Hannah's ex-boyfriend has other plans. He begins a campaign of stalking & harassing Martin & Hannah. He is emboldened and fearless in his attacks, because he has the protection of the chief of Police, his father Frank Colby. Sean's attacks become increasingly violent and culminate in a vicious attack on Martin that leaves him gravely injured and with memory loss.
When Martin recovers and starts to regain his memory, Frank Colby convinces his son that Martin should not be given a chance to fully regain his memory.
FIREPOINT was a fast-paced, easy read. So much was packed into such a short story. It was crackling with suspense. A great beach or vacation read.

I'm hoping these books will make it onto your Summer book list. The next book on MY list is John Connolly's THE WOLF IN WINTER:

Also here is some of the music I'm taking on my Summer outings:


                            Laura Mvula - Green Garden

Soak in the Summer, it's so short: Read & dance!!!                              

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