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Saturday, June 28, 2014


My Reel of the week is 2011's OKA!

Larry (Kris Marshall) is an ethnomusicoloigist, he has a deep love, appreciation and obsession with the music of Central Africa. He has made countless trips to the region to record the sounds of the African Jungle wildlife and the music of the Bayaka Pygmies.
The Bayaka sing & tell stories of a mythical dragon that lives in the Jungle, protecting it from harm.
While listening to a playback of his beloved music, Larry experiences a crippling pain in his ears, which send him to the Doctor. He is diagnosed with Tinnitus, but a blood test reveals that Larry's liver is failing. He is advised to seek treatment and refrain from any future trips abroad. Larry has other ideas and promptly books a trip back to Africa. He is compelled to complete his Library of euphony, by recording the sound of the Mythical Dragon of the Bayaka.
What follows is a funny, loving yet cautionary tale about our connectedness.  Reminding us that what happens far away from us, can still affect us. OKA is also about how Music has the power to bring us together if we allow it to & that the family we choose can turn out to be the family that means the most to us.
OKA is filmed almost entirely in the language of the Bayaka. I never checked to see if sub-titles were available, but I found I didn't need them. The music & themes were Universal. OKA was a delight. If sub-titles are available, try to watch without them. Let the music speak to you. It will. You only have to choose to listen.


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