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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bits & Bobs & Summers End

We are nearing the last gasp of warm summer breezes. Surprisingly for the first Summer in years it's been a bit of a drought in the Acting arena. It's my first year with a new agent, so I guess finding my niche is proving a difficulty.  So I have concentrated my efforts on my music & formulating a piano/singer endeavor. The end of summer feels like the end of leisure time. I know it's an illusion, but It feels like I have more time in the Summer for reading. I'm heading off for a bit of a Holiday, so this is my end of Summer Book review.
I've chosen John Connolly's "THE WOLF IN WINTER", the 12th in his Charlie Parker series (13th counting the Novella "The Reflecting Eye" from Nocturnes).

From the outside, the town of Prosperous is perfect. It lives up to it's name. A town that is a well-off,quiet, serene, tight-knit Community. It feels Homey and Folksy, but scratch the surface and Prosperous has a bleeding, evil, festering center.
A homeless man enlists Private Investigator Charlie Parker to help to find his missing Daughter. Later this same man is found dead. Charlie continues his investigation, which leads him straight to Prosperous. As is Charlies nature, he is once again impelled to right a wrong and bring whoever is responsible for the disappearance of his clients daughter to their knees.
Charlie has already faced some of the most depraved & lethal evil imaginable, but the Town of Prosperous will stop at nothing...nothing to protect what they have built, but They've not come across the likes of Charlie Parker & they sense in him an unrelenting danger that must be stopped.

Despite the title, "THE WOLF IN WINTER" is a great Summer read. The tension builds page by page, It's one of those books that will have you saying "Just one more page, and I'll put it down". Don't be daunted by the number of books in the series. I started with the 4th book "The White Road" (Still one of my favorites.), but I didn't feel I was missing anything. It just made me want to go back to the beginning to read the 3 I'd skipped.
I am intrigued by the protagonist Charlie Parker. He's a fragile man, who doesn't realize he's fragile. He turns his fragmented soul outward, compelled to protect & avenge those least able to do so for themselves. Unaware that each time he is driven into darkness, a little more of his soul is pounded to dust.
I envy those of you who are just starting your journey with Charlie Parker. All those exciting, well written stories await you. When you have finished with Charlie Parker, Samuel Johnson is waiting in the wings. Also his new series "Conquest" with co-author Jennie Ridyard (A Sci-Fi treat). It's like Christmas.......really.... Christmas.

In case you are in search of new music:
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