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Sunday, October 12, 2014


 My first post-blissful Holiday Reel of the Week is 1994's "SHALLOW GRAVE". Danny Boyle's directorial debut and Ewan McGregor's first major movie role.

Three Flatmates, Juliet(Kerry Fox), David(Chris Eccleston) & Alex (Ewan McGregor) are as intertwined as a set of fraternal triplets. They are struggling to make ends meet. The solution? Take on a fourth Flatmate to ease the burden, but it can't be just any old fourth mate. He or she has to pass muster with all three.
 They finally decide on an enigmatic novelist. When the novelist ends up dead, leaving behind a suitcase full of money, the dynamics if this trio is brought front & center. 
Sometimes no matter how much you think you love your friends, the true nature of your relationship may turn out to be dark & toxic. Juliet, David & Alex discover that when money & greed are added to the mix, knowing everything about your friend, takes on an ominous & deadlier meaning.
"SHALLOW GRAVE" is about greed and selfishness, but it's also about the hierarchy that exist within friendships. Who's the leader? The follower? Is someone grappling for a higher position?  Maybe it's also about self-esteem & courage too. "SHALLOW GRAVE" was delightfully dark & heady.  Before "A SIMPLE PLAN" & "FARGO" (Both great Films, also dealing with friendships & plans going horribly awry.)there was "SHALLOW GRAVE" , a glorious, bloody mess showing us how the love of money can corrupt the soul.

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