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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bits & Bobs...& Lynley...Suarez...& other stuff

Well, it's definitely Summer because I find reading, Sleeping & drinking wine infinitely more fun than typing, But I am determined to finish my three upcoming Blog Posts before the end of the month.
I have four books on my Nightstand waiting to be read. I just finished JUST ONE EVIL ACT by Elizabeth George, whose DI Lynley character is one of my favorites.

In JUST ONE EVIL ACT, Sargent Barbara Havers, who covers her empathetic & vulnerable personality with a tetchy, no nonsense exterior, has opened her heart to her neighbor Taymullah Azhar & his daughter Hadiyyah , so when a few months after Hadiyyah's mother, Angela comes back into her life, & disappears again taking Hadiyyah with her, Taymullah has only to ask & Havers drops everything to come to his aid.
She in turn calls on DI Lynley, her boss, her advocate & her closest friend. Lynley is reluctant to become embroiled in a domestic matter, but finds himself front & center in the investigation if only to save Havers from herself.
The investigation leads Lynley to Tuscany, where he takes on the role of liaison between Taymullah & the Polizia di Stato. Lynley must walk a tightrope between his duties as a liaison & his own prodding inquiries, to avoid stepping on the toes of the sensitive, Italian lead investigator.
Havers, who is stuck in London refuses to heed Lynley's advice to stay clear of the investigation, letting her feelings for Taymullah & Hadiyyah cloud her judgement & heart. She finds herself heading recklessly over a career-ending cliff.
Lynley must quickly get answers to Hadiyyah's disappearance before Havers takes him plummeting over that cliff with her.
Elizabeth George is a brilliant storyteller & doesn't disappoint. Her stories seem patternless & you just don't know how it's all going to come together, but all the twists & turns keep you guessing until the very last word.

A little Bits & Bobs about the Acting front. I will be addressing mostly in an
 upcoming special Bits & Bobs. The Reel Eiayay Documentary with @GitgoFims is still being edited & I'm excited about it's upcoming release. You can follow me on Twitter @BlackStarr & Instagram for all the latest news.
Meanwhile Himself & I are busy learning the ins & outs of Home recording Studios. It's a intimidating & laborious learning experience.
I am getting inspired by some great music like:

Danay Suarez


Emeli Sande

I will continue to read & write & drink wine in these waning days of Summer...& hopefully finish these damn posts...really...I mean it...

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