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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jurassic is Back...Enter the Rapter Whisperer!

Hey, another Sequel, surprise, surprise. I thought I would wait until the roar and din quieted down before I posted this weeks Reel, JURASSIC WORLD.
It has, thus far been a long & sometimes painful journey for this franchise.

In this latest installment, lessons remain unlearned, well if they had learned, we'd have been all done after JURASSIC PARK and how much mon...I mean how much fun we would have missed out on..ahem...

In JURASSIC WORLD, all those cloned dinosaurs that have been wandering aimlessly on Isla Nublar for 22 years, have been rounded up and have become part of a theme park for vacationers looking for fun & adventure..nothing wrong there. JURASSIC WORLD had rides and swanky hotel rooms and up close and personal contact with some of the dinosaurs. The Velocirapters  have been rounded & wrangled by dedicated, gentle, dinosaur loving Rapter-whisperer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt). The Park is operated by Claire Dearing (Bryce Howard) no-nonsense & career driven, she runs the Park strictly by the book. So when her nephews come to visit, the Park takes precedent. She leaves them in the hands of her capable assistant.
In the quest for bigger & Better attractions the Park has created a newer & deadlier Dinosaur & it has disappeared & so have her nephews, who were out on one of the attractions.
Things have gone horribly awry and Mayhem ensues or as Dr. Ian Macolm so eloquently put it in THE LOST WORLD: "First there's oohing & Ahing, and there's running & screaming."
JURASSIC WORLD was entertaining, although predictable. The Dinosaurs were the stars. Chris Pratt was likeable & funny. Bryce Howard's character was seriously lacking in the Complex Female Protagonist area. She spent most of the time hrumphing & looking doe eyed into the camera, with ample bloom. The addition of a completely unnecessary relationship sub-plot was just distracting as was Claire's wardrobe. The idea that a woman who runs a Theme park is wearing a white jersey dress with high heels traipsing around in the  jungle was ludicrous. I spent a lot of time during the movie saying to myself "WTF is wrong with this woman?"
Character development was not high on anyone's list during the writing of this screenplay.
So, if you haven't seen JURASSIC WORLD, I'm not saying don't go see it. I'm saying go with very low expectations. Go for the Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs are always fun & the special effects were excellent. Oh, and don't expect to see any Women of Color 'cos in JURASSIC PARK Dinosaurs live & Women of Color are extinct...go figure. Oh, and there's a sequel to this sequel planned for 2018...if wishes were horses, then Women of Color could ride..

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