Moments of escape can be moments of clarity!

"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wait,Let me write that down Before I forget....

My Reel of the Week is 2014's Blockbuster BEFORE I SLEEP..nah I'm just kidding. I don't think it was a Blockbuster, well really I hadn't heard anything about the movie, but I could've been out that day. Anyway I had a free weekend ....

Christine (Nicole Kidman) wakes everyday to a nightmare.  She has no idea who she is, where she is or anything about her life. The man who wakes beside her every morning is a stranger, not her devoted husband.
After a  brutal attack Christine was left with amnesia.  She spends each day trying to connect the pieces of her life and create some semblance of normalcy.

Christine slowly finds snippets of her life revealing themselves in flashes.  
But, she doesn't know if what she sees is real. Does she trust those memories or rely solely on who her husband (Colin Firth)  and her psychiatrist tell her she is?
Christine soon discovers that what she doesn't remember is more important and might very well kill her.

I am a big fan of mystery, suspense, and Colin Firth. BEFORE I SLEEP had two out of three. You stick with a film like this because you want to know how it's going to end.  How are they going to tie up the loose ends? Will I have an "Oh my God,I didn't see that coming" moment? BEFORE I SLEEP had flashes of suspense, and yes it did have Colin Firth, although he was underutilized and his character wasn't fully fleshed. Nicole Kidman well... she was Nicole Kidman. When watching her on screen there is always a sense of someone who is reigned in and tightly controlled. She is not an actor who acts with a "devil may care" attitude..Susan Lucci comes to mind..
BEFORE I SLEEP had two or three Wow moments, But I guessed where it was going about half way through. I won't say it was a waste of time, but once was definitely enough. It's a good movie for those times you're trapped, you know, a long bus or plane ride and it's the movie they're showing. What the hell, you're not going anywhere and you've got some time to kill...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bits & Bobs & Mystery, the Emerald Isle and Some Pips

Okay, I'm just gonna stop vowing to do better on my Blog writing. Ya'll know I'm lying...well maybe not lying, but overly hopeful. 

It's been a busy fall, but I always manage to find time to read. I just finished Patricia Cornwell's  2013 novel DUST:

The body of a woman is found lying on the grounds of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
 As Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta searches the body for it's secrets, she discovers that this particular case has far reaching tentacles.With greed and power at it roots, it reaches not only into her own past, but those closest to her. Can Kay unravel the mystery before it irreparably damages the lives of those she holds dear.

I find myself returning periodically to Patricia Cornwells , Kay Scarpetta series. I have missed a few and I found that they are not stand alone novels. While reading DUST, I found I was missing some relevant plot lines. It did detract a little from the story, but all in all a great mystery.

On the Acting front, I wrapped up some projects to finish out 2015. The first Season of my webseries "Beach Bunker Babylon" is in the can. Look for updates on twitter by following @GitgoFilms and @ReelLifeStory .
You can also get updates here.

  We also finally finished the filming of "Eiayay's Reel Life (The Misadventures of an Actor of Color)" both projects have been loads of fun and I can't wait to see these finished projects. I give many thanks to the wonderful people I worked with.

2015 really did have some good moments. I managed a short Holiday in Ireland, one of my favorite places. This time I stayed on the North side. Last time I was there I stayed on the South side and I had wondered why their were so few People of Color. The North side was much more diverse. I quite enjoyed it. I loved the hustle & bustle of O'Connell St. I took in a little more of the Night Life, which of course brings with it a more rowdy atmosphere. I did have my first experience with Racism...Irish Style. Which consisted of Racial epithets hurled from a car, whilst I waited for the light to change. It was accompanied by the requisite Monkey noises...ah racism, you never fail in your Universality.
But none of that dampened the pleasure I felt just being back in Dublin. I shopped, I explored and I spent many evenings with lovely friends. I can't wait to go back.

Now onto Music, which is always in the background and sometimes the forefront of my life. The passing of William Guest, one of the Pips of the Incredible Gladys Knight and the Pips, had me digging out my Gladys Knight Albums and revisiting those fabulous harmonies and soulful sounds.
One of my favorite songs by them is "My Imagination" Give a listen...they transport you! Here's to 2016 and all the great music yet to hear...and to those you'll listen to again and again.