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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hey, it's just a few short Blocks, easy peasy....

Hey, I'm back! I know you missed me. I think I'm doing better, don't you?  Don't answer, just go with it.

This weeks Reel is 2006's 16 BLOCKS.

Bruce Willis is Detective Jack Mosley, a worn out,  burnt out, alcoholic cop who has emotionally checked out. He is going through the motions, waiting for death or retirement , whichever comes first.
His boss who adds insult to injury by being young enough to be Jack's son, asks him to escort Eddie Burke (Yasiin Bey) from jail to the courthouse to testify before the Grand jury. Jack grudgingly acquiesces, but when Jack leaves Eddie in the back seat of his patrol car to buy liquid courage, someone tries to murder his charge.
Jack quickly finds out that Eddie is not some run of the mill felon and he must summon up some real courage if he and Eddie are going to make it the 16 BLOCKS to the courthouse or even survive the next 16 minutes.

I love an action movie and 16 BLOCKS definitely delivered that. It was suspenseful, mostly plausible and well acted. Bruce Willis and Yasiin Bey did a great job and they had chemistry. 

 It didn't pass the Betchdel test, but more importantly, because of the lack of intersectionality, it didn't pass MY Reel Women of Color test. The story took place in NY, so really no excuse for not having more Women of Color. Granted at least the one Black woman that had a speaking role was the District Attorney, so they get one point for that. But, she was it. The only other woman was Jack's sister.  She had about 1/2 a dozen lines...maybe.
I couldn't help wondering why Jack's character couldn't have been played by a woman? A Woman of Color!
Anyway, it really was a good movie.  I'm still rooting for the Film industry to do better, but my rooter is gettin' tired...

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