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Monday, July 11, 2016


Finally my latest Blog.  With Summer and all the other "events" happening, I have needed the distraction of Films and Books more than ever. I've probably seen at least 10 movies and read at least that many Books in the interim, so I've plenty of reviews waiting in the wings. I just need to stop procrastinating...yeah, like that's gonna happen.
This weeks Reel is 2011's STAND OFF.

Jimbo (Martin McCann), who lives in a small town in Belfast, Ireland, can't seem to get his life on track.  It's not from a lack of trying. He tries to be a good dad and a good mate to his son's mother, but can't pull himself away from old habits.  He spends his days hanging out with his childhood friend and gambling away what little money he has, hoping for that big pay-off. Jimbo gets in serious debt by borrowing money from Mad Dog Flynn (David O'Hara) the local Irish Mob Boss, who lives up to his name. He has one day to pay his debt to Mad dog. With misguided youthful abandon, Jimbo decides the solution is to rob the local fish market. After his bumbling, inept crime is complete, he finds out too late that the Fish market is a front for the Irish Mob. Now, Jimbo finds himself on the run from not only the police, but Mad Dog is also out for blood. To make matters worse, Jimbo has holed up in a local Antique store with the owner Joe (Brendan Fraser), his girlfriend Sophie(Yaya DaCosta) and two stowaway kids as hostages. Jimbo's solution to his debt problem has quickly become a snowball headed over a cliff with Joe in it's path.

When I decided to watch STAND OFF, I thought it was an action movie. It was devoid of any action what so ever. I'm really not even sure what genre it was. There was comedy, but it was in strange places and decidedly unfunny. It wasn't like the macabre humor of "Fargo", it was just misplaced and a bit uncomfortable. There was nobody you wanted to root for. I had a brief moment of joy, when I saw there was a Black woman (Yaya DaCosta) cast as a shop keeper & later Joe's girlfriend. She didn't pass my "Where my Women of Color at" test, which is like the Bechdel-Wallace, but geared toward women of Color: 1. More than one woman of Color 2. they must talk to each other about something other than a man. 3. They must have a life outside of listening to a white woman's problems. 4. They must have a name. 5. they must survive past the first 20 minutes of the film.
Sophie only passed  #4 & #5. The only thing you knew about her was she came to Ireland from Africa, but we knew EVERYTHING about Joe and it was boring as hell. I was hoping for more because I love David O'Hara but, STAND OFF left me bored and a little disgruntled at not being able to get that hour and a half of my life back...

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