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Sunday, July 2, 2017


Now that the hoopla has died down, I'm throwing in my two cents worth on ALIEN COVENANT (2017)
Ridley Scott has waded once again into the ALIEN franchise. First of all I really need some WOC Geek friends, 'cos  the theatre  was 99% white guys.
I'm a huge ALIEN franchise fan,  I remember when I first saw ALIEN.  I was plagued with nightmares for weeks.  I couldn't even turn my back to the bedroom door for fear I would be beset upon by Xenomorphs. My favorite installment is ALIEN V PREDATOR.  It was the best of both worlds, and of course it had the Black Girl Magic of Sanaa Lathan, surviving til the end of the movie to boot.

Now, the ALIEN franchise for me, lost it's way after ALIENS.  PROMETHEUS was a royal clusterfuck.  ALIEN COVENANT starts off in all the familiar ways. There's a ship, terra-farmers, a beacon which takes them off course...shortly after that it falls off a cliff.
If I can predict what happens moment to moment, why can't the ship's crew. ALIEN COVENANT lacked tension and suspense.  The slaughter was quick, no build up.  It was like everybody had better things to do, including the Xenomorph. The Xenomorph even took a back seat to Michael Fassbender's (David, Walter) having an endless, boring conversation/existential crisis with himself, while simultaneously chewing the scenery.

There was plenty of Blackcrifice. You'd think with this being only the 2nd ALIEN movie with a Black woman who actually speaks, they'd give us a little leeway.

Ridley Scott really needs to go back and watch ALIEN & ALIEN 2, because I think he's forgotten not only the plot-line, but everything that made the franchise the litmus test for great Sci-Fi movies.

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